Talent Spotlight regularly features proven experts of our Enterprise Talent Solutions team helping clients efficiently scale with high-quality, proven talent, legal process, and managed solutions.

What do you find most fulfilling about your job?

I love that I get to help people every day. As an attorney myself, I know what it’s like to search and search for the right opportunity with no luck and little assistance. As a recruiter, I also know what it’s like for a client to struggle to find the right candidate for the job. Here at Consilio, I’m able to help both clients and candidates in a meaningful way. Whether it’s a candidate looking for their dream job, or a client looking for a unicorn candidate. Being able to support these individuals and growing firms is by far the most fulfilling aspect of my job.

Favorite engagement you ever worked on?

My favorite engagement I’ve worked on was actually my very first one, here at Consilio. I had just started with Consilio, and we had a new client reach out to us about needing to fill multiple direct hire attorney roles. I was a bit nervous, being that I was brand new, but the client was amazing, and we were able to help fill ALL their openings. The client has definitely become a favorite of mine and we continue to work with them on their staffing needs.

A fun fact about you:

In middle school, I wrote a persuasive essay that I used to convince my mom to let me have a pet pig. I got an A+ on the paper and successfully persuaded my English teacher, who then helped persuade my mother, that a miniature pot-bellied pig would be the perfect pet. His name was Elvis.