Washington D.C. – March 23, 2020 – The rapid growth of COVID-19 has compounded uncertainty on an unprecedented global scale. Responding quickly, Consilio a global leader in eDiscovery, document review, risk management and legal consulting services, announced today that the company has successfully migrated all of its operations from on-premise to remote work to ensure the health and safety, of its clients, employees, and communities.

This transition includes nearly 100% of its document review projects across 26 global document review locations that are now operating as Secure Virtual Reviews, powered by Complete Review. This capability is now powering over 2,000 daily encrypted connections to monitored review environments by qualified, trusted legal professionals. Additionally, over 66% of data collections in March to date, were defensibly processed remotely.

“Consilio’s services enable law firms and corporations the ability to efficiently and securely navigate the legal eDiscovery process – even in today’s uncertain times,” said Andy Macdonald, CEO of Consilio. “From the secure remote collection of data to secure virtual review of documents by qualified, pre-screened reviewers, Consilio has made significant investments to deliver mature solutions to clients of all sizes.”

Earlier this month, Consilio began prioritizing resources available to its virtualized capabilities in advance of possible migrations and disruptions due to Coronavirus’ geographic spread. Secure Virtual Review, recently pressured tested as part of the company’s pandemic preparedness plans, was migrated to High-Availability (HA) server infrastructure in Consilio’s secure, private data centers to ensure the ability to handle a potential traffic increase. Consilio’s Complete Data teams extended its defensible remote collections capabilities while also establishing a unique partnership with KLDiscovery — expanding local data collection resources to reduce employee travel, and in turn, lowering the risk of employee exposure.

“By choosing to strengthen our existing virtual capabilities versus launching unproven solutions, we avoid troubleshooting on live projects and provide clients with greater confidence during these uncertain times,” said Macdonald. “With rapidly changing health and regulatory guidance, we decided to act quickly, and our teams worked non-stop to make this transition happen without compromising on data security or client experience. While this is a big shift in a short amount of time, it is helping keep our teams safe, employed, and positively contributing to both client success and the global economy.”

About Consilio’s Secure Virtual Review, powered by Complete Review

Consilio’s Secure Virtual Review (PDF fact sheet), powered by Complete Review, enables qualified, pre-screened legal professionals the ability to review documents virtually within a highly-secured review environment from any remote location with a broadband internet connection.  Clients experience the same high-quality Consilio review – from proven workflows to robust reporting and quality checks. Consilio’s review managers, licensed attorneys, are trained specially to conduct Secure Virtual Reviews, managing reviewers to deliver a high-quality, consistent work product while controlling costs. Consilio’s Secure Virtual Review technology is deeply integrated to maintain data and reviewer security from strict identity controls to 100% auditable activity logs to secure data hosting on Consilio’s ISO-certified private data centers.

About Consilio

Consilio is a global leader in eDiscovery, document review, risk management, and legal consulting services. Through its Consilio Complete suite of capabilities, the company supports multinational law firms and corporations using innovative software, cost-effective managed services and deep legal and regulatory industry expertise. Consilio has extensive experience in litigation, HSR second requests, internal and regulatory investigations, eDiscovery, document review, information governance, compliance risk assessments, cybersecurity, law department management, contracts management, legal analytics, paper discovery and digital printing, as well as legal recruiting and placement. Consilio and its global family of companies, Advanced Discovery, Altep, Millnet Document Services and Legal Placements Inc., employ leading professionals in the industry, applying defensible workflows with patented and industry-proven technology across all phases of the eDiscovery and risk management lifecycle. ISO 27001:2013 certified, the company operates offices, document review and data centers across Europe, Asia, and North America. For more information, please visit us at www.consilio.com.

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