WASHINGTON, D.C. – March 2, 2022 – Consilio, a global leader in eDiscoverydocument reviewrisk management, and legal consulting services, today released its 2021 Diversity & Inclusion Annual Report, the company’s third annual report on its D&I journey. The report outlines progress made in 2021 on key company initiatives to address diversity and inclusion in the workplace, discloses metrics about its global workforce, and sets out Consilio’s D&I goals for 2022.

“We strongly believe in the importance of cultivating an inclusive environment where people feel empowered to bring their authentic selves to work,” said Andy Macdonald, CEO of Consilio. “By working consistently and collaboratively to break down barriers, build support systems, and open pathways for diverse voices and backgrounds, we are making meaningful progress towards creating a more inclusive and equitable workplace at Consilio and furthering our competitive advantage in the market. Our progress on our D&I journey is especially important following a year of three corporate acquisitions in 2021, when more than 2,600 employees and review professionals were added to our workforce.”

D&I Highlights from 2021

The report explains key initiatives undertaken in 2021 and details performance against goals, including:

Expansion of D&I Advisory Boards – Consilio added more than half a dozen employees to its internal Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Board in 2021, including representatives from three newly acquired companies, to ensure integrated programming across the combined enterprises. Additionally, the company added several new clients to its Client Advisory Board on Diversity & Inclusion, including representatives from corporate and law firm clients who hold leadership positions in their organizations and are actively involved in D&I work. This Board provides actionable insights and advice to improve existing D&I efforts.

Developing Diverse Talent To improve diversity in its leadership pipeline, Consilio created two new internal programs that strengthen its focus on the training and development of diverse talent. First, the company launched the inaugural “Consilio Leadership Academy,” with a class of 26 employees. The 10-month program is designed to develop a diverse group of high-potential talent and prepare them for leadership roles in the company through individual and group coaching, training courses, personal assessments, and strategic initiative project work. Second, Consilio created a structured training program for document review employees interested in advancing their careers and professional development.

Increasing Collection of Workforce Demographics – In 2021, Consilio set out to increase the percentage of employees who voluntarily self-identified various characteristics of their diversity demographics. The company boosted those percentages in every aspect, and now can report gender data on virtually 100% of employees globally and 87% of employees in the U.S.

Improving Analysis of D&I Metrics – The company invested in more sophisticated analyses of its diversity data to examine D&I metrics at a more granular level, looking at diversity by seniority and across functions. For the first time, Consilio was able to examine hiring and promotions and the impact of those employment decisions on the representation of women and employees of color in its workforce. Consilio also unified multiple sets of new HR data into Consilio’s legacy software system and normalized the data to extend diversity analyses to the newly combined workforce. The following are some of the metrics included in the report:

  • 46% of document review attorneys in the U.S. identify as persons of color
  • 54% percent of document review attorneys in the U.S. are female
  • Women comprise 37% of Consilio’s global workforce
  • 44% of managers at Consilio are female
  • 52% of all promotions—and 60% of promotions to manager—were awarded to women
  • Employees of color represent thirty-two percent of Consilio’s U.S. workforce

Celebration of Differences – Consilio remains a proud signatory to the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge, which commits the company to a number of actions to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace. In 2021 Consilio joined with other signatories in hosting a “Day of Understanding,” a day set aside for employees to engage in candid conversations that cultivate understanding.

Expanding Opportunities for Diverse-Owned BusinessesTo create a positive impact on diversity and equity in the business community, Consilio formed a Supplier Diversity program. The program is designed to procure more of Consilio’s supplies and services from companies owned by minorities, women, and other traditionally underrepresented demographics such as veterans and disabled persons. In 2021 Consilio laid the initial foundation for the Supplier Diversity program and will devote additional resources to advance the work in 2022.

Strengthening of Employee Affinity Group Network – To further bolster the mix of impactful D&I programming and strengthen its culture of inclusion, Consilio created two additional Employee Affinity Groups in 2021. The company launched “Pride@Consilio” to help maintain a welcoming, safe, and equitable work environment for LGBTQIA+ employees and their allies. The “BossUp” group was formed to build a support system for career-minded professionals navigating the corporate world. All six of Consilio’s Affinity Groups offered thoughtful, educational, and engaging programs throughout the year.

Looking to the Year Ahead

The report also outlines key D&I focus areas for Consilio in 2022, including:

Addition of an Environmental, Social, and Governance ProgramConsilio will expand the scope of the D&I function to add elements of an “ESG” (Environmental, Social, and Governance) program. Sustainable business practices and respect for the environment have always been core values at Consilio, and in 2022 the team will create structure and definition around its sustainability efforts.

Increasing Client Collaboration – Consilio will develop new and expanded ways to work with clients on mutual D&I initiatives, including more systematic reporting of client-specific staffing diversity metrics and more frequent communications about D&I efforts in the company and the broader industry.

Improving Workforce Diversity – A top priority for Consilio in 2022 will be continued improvement in the diversity of its global workforce. This will require a critical examination of all its talent acquisition and development processes and a strong collaboration among its business leaders, HR professionals, and the D&I team. Recognizing that the Covid-19 pandemic continues to present particular challenges for women in the workplace, Consilio plans to place increased focus on ways to support its female employees.

“As we move forward in 2022 and beyond, we are committed to evolving our D&I efforts and driving progress. Our D&I leadership team works to embed the principles of diversity, inclusion, and equity in how we work with our colleagues and how we serve our clients and communities,” said Maureen O’Neill, Diversity & Inclusion Officer. “Having formal programming and open conversations about diversity and inclusion in the workplace cultivates an environment of engagement and action, and empowers employees to deliver their best work.”

To learn more about Consilio’s diversity effort, the report is available for download here.

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