This blog is a part of our on-going Women in Technology series.

Chris Henderson, Senior Project Director, leads the US Project Management Team at Consilio. She has been with Consilio for eight years, and prior to joining the Consilio team, Chris practiced law at a large firm in Philadelphia. Chris earned her undergraduate degree in Actuarial Science from the University of Georgia and her JD from the University of Richmond. To Chris, one of the most exciting aspects of working at Consilio is being able to collaborate with clients and her fellow colleagues.

Chris Henderson Women in Tech Quote

How did you get into this industry?

I graduated law school at the time during which the tobacco litigation was in full swing. The litigation required massive amounts of discovery, and I began to practice in that area. Thereafter, I continued in e-Discovery working mostly in product liability areas. I enjoyed working with clients, learning about their document management practices, and advising them on efficient and defensible practices while navigating through discovery related requirements and deadlines. Eventually, at the law firm, I began managing teams of attorneys and paralegals who support clients. I decided to pursue something new, switched courses, and joined the Consilio, then Huron, Project Management Team. I started as a Senior Project Manager, in the trenches working with clients, and now I oversee the Project Management Team in the U.S.

What does a typical workday look like for you?

The beauty of my role at Consilio is that every day can be a bit unpredictable. Some days I get the pleasure of joining client calls to discuss complex workflows and project staffing, among other topics. Generally, I spend time managing the Project Management Team, assessing our performance, honing our workflows, and ensuring we are providing top-notch services to clients. I also spend time mentoring junior project managers and try to provide guidance as they grow and gain experience. Finally, I check in with my boss to see what I can do to improve his day.

Can you please speak about gender in the workplace?

As women in the workplace, we have the power to establish our career goals as well as set our boundaries. Make thoughtful and deliberate choices. Women can be masters of their own fate when it comes to career achievements as well as establishing a work-life balance.  My advice to other women is to take control of their careers.

What do you do for stress relief?

When possible, a couple of times a day, I get up from my desk and take a walk around the block. It helps to step away from the computer and put the phone down for about ten minutes, get some fresh air and a touch of exercise. I also find that having a healthy work-life balance generally helps to minimize stress caused by work. And then there is also the splash of wine I pour myself after a tough day.

What do you do in your free time?

I enjoy being outdoors and traveling. So, in my free time, I am often gardening, and I recently took up golf. Otherwise, I am packing a bag and heading to my next adventure.