Sightline - eDiscovery without compromises

Built for Today’s Matters

Cross-border data privacy. Multilingual documents. Larger collected datasets. The challenges of eDiscovery today are different from a decade ago. We built Sightline from the ground up to handle these challenges and more.

Understanding is Step One

What do I have in my documents? It is the question asked in every eDiscovery matter. Sightline lets you explore your data with interactive investigatory tools — to improve understanding, aid in culling and enable prioritization — before you start your review.

Communications Explorer

Quickly spot communication patterns in email communications

Concept Explorer

Understand key concepts within any subpopulation of documents without having to look at each document


Generate interactive pivot reports of any work product or metadata field against any other field

Timeline & Gaps

Look at any subpopulation of documents in a timeline and drill down to the date range of interest.

Bridge the Platform Divide

Early Case Exploration + Powerful Analytics + Complete Review.  One Platform.

Linear review or early case assessment? Investigation or contract review? Until now, users have had to choose between disparate, disconnected technologies based on the specific needs of the matter and the anticipated workflows.  This division between platforms complicates workflows, introduces delays and frustrations while adding to a matter’s costs.

Sightline is different by design.  By integrating ECA, a complete review experience and powerful analytics into a unified platform, you now only log in once to investigate, analyze, review and produce documents to support the full matter lifecycle.

Achieve Coding Speed and Coding Quality

It’s human nature; the faster you go, the more prone to mistakes you are. Sightline defies nature with tools designed to structure and execute reviews for efficiency, increase coding speed and reducing reviewer fatigue. The end result? Faster coding speeds without sacrificing quality.

Optimized Document Sorting

Review Managers define the Optimized Sort of documents so that reviewers spend less time bouncing between unrelated docs.

Progressive Coding Forms

Coding forms present decisions in a progressive, logical flow, instead of everything-at-once — reducing the time and mental burden of unnecessary coding decisions.

Coding Stamps and
Code Same As Last

Reviewers reach a higher “cruising altitude” with personalized one-click tools to reduce fatigue-inducing repetitive coding actions.

CodeSync Similar Documents

Reviewers can code entire families, email threads or textual near dupe groups as a unit, so consistent coding is applied to all selected documents instantaneously.

Data Security & Privacy

Trusted by the world’s largest corporations and law firms, the security of your data is our top priority–from our ISO-certified secure hosting facilities to in-platform features that support privacy and joint-defense reviews.

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