Many brands would agree that the explosion of new technology has pushed user experience to the forefront of whether or not a product is successful. Its ability to drive customer acquisition, increase ROI, and build brand loyalty renders the technique critical and one to invest in, especially in an increasingly crowded marketplace. To combat the overwhelming amount of data professionals face each day, users need a seamless digital experience to increase efficiency and support workflows. One of the many digital products in the market devoted to client experience and innovation is Sightline, a leading self-service eDiscovery platform for smaller matters. Its intuitive design is made to solve legal challenges efficiently and cost-effectively. Our multi-year investments in user and client experience have not been without result. Sightline was recently named the highest-rated eDiscovery platform for Quality of Support by, a leading peer review website for B2B technology. Sightline was also ranked second for highest-rated Net Promoter Score and third for highest-rated eDiscovery platform for Likelihood to Recommend. 

Design Thinking

So, what’s Sightline’s secret? Sightline accepted the UX challenge years ago when the team implemented Design Thinking, a non-linear process that follows five stages when developing new products and enhancements: 

Empathize – The first stage involves putting the user’s needs, wants, and objectives at the forefront. Empathizing means observing and engaging with the user to understand what’s working for them and what’s not. By approaching the problem through a human-centered lens and remembering to set aside the team’s own emotions and biases, designers can create appropriate solutions that are both thoughtful and useful. 

Define – The second stage highlights core problems through data analysis and user investigation. The team starts to identify features, functions, and other elements that could help solve the issues identified. 

Ideate – After taking an empathetic approach to understanding the users and synthesizing the team’s observations, it’s time to generate ideas. This is a highly creative process because it requires the designer to propose a human-centered problem statement, then study it and think of ways to expand the solution space. 

Prototype – It’s time to execute the idea. The design team will now produce several inexpensive, scaled-down versions of the product or specific features found within the product to investigate the problem solutions generated in the previous stage.

Test – During the final stage, the team tests the complete product. This process involves multiple trials and refinements to ensure the user is receiving the best possible solution for their needs. 

Sightline’s Offerings for a Streamlined User Experience 

Sightline’s team leveraged the Design Thinking process to develop a more tailored and productive experience for those managing large volumes of smaller matters. Here are some of the various functions Sightline offers to reflect its user-experience commitment: 

  • Search functionality allows users to break apart a larger search query into smaller parts and then select results for action. The same search results also include optional near duplicate, threaded, family member, and conceptual-match documents to enable more efficient downstream batching, review, or exports. 
  • The notification system helps improve user’s workflow. It can alert the user to tasks that are taking longer than expected. 
  • Managing and reporting on reviewer productivity was a recurring need for users, so Sightline has developed reporting capabilities to be scheduled and sent to internal or external parties. 
  • The categorization features allow users to have more control over their documents and data sets. The “Find more like these” button helps reviewers run hot document analysis to quality control on coded documents. 
  • Simple drag and drop processing allows users to process data into the platform efficiently. This latest iteration also includes processing for textual analytics at no additional charge. 
  • Our project managers are diligent, proactive, and knowledgeable. Their deep eDiscovery expertise and technical support, such as mapping datasets into the platform, ensure that you and your team are in a supportive environment. 
  • Sightline Central is our self-service learning and development portal for a more supportive experience. Steve Shaw, one of Sightline’s Senior Directors, offers insight into the online resource: “Our clients know that Sightline is backed by Consilio’s Client Success Managers (CSMs) and our customized Client-First Onboarding and Training programs. However, sometimes a user has a quick question, or maybe they are working late or on a weekend, and need to get a quick answer. For that, they can turn to, the fully searchable, easy-to-navigate, home for all Sightline help documentation. It contains snippet videos and helps documents that can be viewed online or downloaded for easy access. Within minutes, a user can get the answers to their questions, a video to show them how to perform the task, and a step-by-step document to walk them through it.” 

“The goal of great user experience is to make the complexity of workflow invisible. UX is like a joke; if you have to explain it, it’s not that good.” –Jawahar Jaddu, Senior Director, Product Management

In essence, Design Thinking is a creative problem-solving approach that puts the user at the heart of the design process. “It’s one of the key processes employed to interact with users: We empathize and learn from users’ challenges, and develop technological innovations to solve them,” says Omid Jahanbin, Vice President of Product Experience and Global Marketing at Consilio. To create a successful user-friendly experience, Sightline is one of Consilio’s various eDiscovery offerings that has adopted the popular methodology. The team designed the platform to simplify and speed up users’ reviews from drag and drop processing to easy search functions and customizable features. As the technological landscape continues to evolve, clients can trust that Sightline’s team strives to ensure an excellent user experience through innovative technology and human perspective.