Law firms and other 3rd party vendors handle corporate legal department’s most sensitive and proprietary information and are increasingly targets of cyberthieves.  While law firms and other 3rd party vendors are evolving their cybersecurity programs to defend against breaches, corporate legal departments must understand what questions to ask to assess risk levels and properly manage that risk.

Consilio’s Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Assessment provides clients with valuable insight into firm’s and vendor’s information security and data privacy practices, and provide both quantitative and qualitative metrics and recommendations.

  • Assessment covers 13 key areas, including:
    • Information Security
    • Privacy and PII
    • Workforce Controls
    • Monitoring and Incident Response
    • Mobile and Remote Access
    • Cloud Services
  • Customized to client high-risk information
  • Results benchmarked across all surveyed firms and Consilio’s database
  • Outside Counsel Guidelines updated to include cybersecurity and privacy requirements

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Insights on Cybersecurity