Webinar: Validating Analytics with Magic & Dragons

Real cases rarely have smoking guns. Each case is built on individual pieces of evidence that together create a story. In this session, Sarah Cole, Julia Helmer, and Susan Stone of Consilio will show you how to find those small pieces to answer big questions. But they’ll do it with a magical twist.

Come see the ins and outs of conceptual analytics used on popular fiction—Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and Lord the Rings. After a brief overview of the analytics toolset, you’ll get down to business, walking step by step through how the Consilio team used analytics to find answers and validation to popular fan theories for these three series.

This session is an encore presentation of a Fest Favorite for the past two years at Relativity Fest.

Sarah Cole, Director, Consilio
Julia Helmer, Director, Consilio
Susan Stone, Senior Director, Consilio