Webinar: To AI or Not to AI? The Big Debate Part II

Whether it’s reviewing invoices or repapering contracts, there are many tasks that are dreaded but must be done. So, do you bring in AI to relieve some of that burden? Or is the risk of inaccuracies or strain of implementation too great? Watch our recent Big Debate to examine both sides of that question.

The challenge: There is no budget for additional headcount this year despite the fact that your legal department is faced with the daunting task of repapering a massive number of contracts due to LIBOR, data privacy and other regulatory changes. Not to mention, you still have mounds of legal invoices to review. At the same time, strategic and risk management demands are higher than ever. The GC has asked you to present a solution. Two teams make their case for different ways forward.

Team 1 (led by Onit) – Let’s “Hire” AI to perform some of the routine work before it ever even gets to a human

Team 2 (led by Consilio) – Let’s outsource the routine work to an ALSP and let them worry about the technology