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ED107 – The Final Countdown: Production Fundamentals

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Production is another discovery activity, like collection and processing, in which technical decisions can have logistical and legal effects. For this reason, it is important for practitioners to understand the fundamentals of production. How materials are produced affects how long they take to prepare and how easily they can be searched, reviewed, and used later in depositions and at trial.

ESI productions may be anything from a few PDF files to a custom-configured online repository. Negotiating production format, including details like whether and what metadata will be provided, can both ensure maximum usability of what you receive and preempt disputes over what you produce and how you produce it. In this free Practice Guide, Consilio Director of Education Matthew Verga, Esq., reviews production fundamentals that all eDiscovery practitioners should know.

In this Practice Guide

  • Production Formats and Options
  • Who Gets to Decide and Example Disputes
  • Production Preparation and Log Creation

Key Insights

  • The Need for Hybrid Productions
  • The Growing Importance of Unitization
  • The Three Chances under the Rules

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