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How to Manage the Unexpected Resignation of a Key Legal Employee



In every legal team, resignations are inevitable – regardless of how valued your employees may feel. There is a lot to consider when a key employee resigns, and your first instinct may be to focus only on ensuring that the employee’s work gets done and deadlines are met, but it’s also important to make focus on long-term needs a priority, including evaluation of retention and succession plans. This guide reviews what to do to minimize risk and fill the gap quickly when you face an unexpected resignation, while also considering long-term needs and improvements for the future.

In this Practice Guide

  • Six steps for responding to a departure
  • How to balance present and future needs
  • Sources for finding replacements

Key Insights

  • How a counteroffer can change the dynamic
  • The value of preserving a good relationship
  • The importance of knowledge transfer

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