CLM Follow-up Study: Covid-19 Impact on Claim Frequency

CLM Follow-up Study: Covid-19 Impact on Claim Frequency, Front Page, ScreenshotThe CLM (Claims and Litigation Management Alliance) is the industry’s largest professional trade association for claims and litigation professionals. With more than 45,000 members, the CLM promotes and furthers the highest professional standards across both industries.

In May and June of 2020 the CLM conducted a survey of senior claims officers to capture the impact of Covid-19 on claim volume changes. A total of 73 claim executives participated in that survey and the results were released in a report issued in June of 2020.

This Study is a follow-up to that survey. In this version we added questions focused on business interruption claims volume, increases in fraudulent claims filings, and executives’ predictions of when we may see a return to claims volume normality.

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