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High-profile litigation involving large volumes of proprietary data that must be reviewed against tight deadlines and high expectations for quality.

Client Challenge

The team faced several challenges relating to the volume and complexity of the document set. An initial review collection consisted of highly technical regulatory documents, each containing an average of 40,000 pages. That collection also included various types of sensitive content requiring redaction. The client
then received a court order requiring production of custodian documents in tranches, with only 30 days to produce each tranche. This timetable required the team to complete review and production from a collection of approximately 2 million documents in just six weeks.

Consilio Response

  • Consilio provided project management services and an end-to-end solution including processing, hosting, analytics, workflows and review.
  • The document set contained SAS database files requiring review outside of the Relativity platform, and native format production. A manual native export process was created to make the native content easily viewable.
  • A custom processing and filtering workflow accelerated indexing to assure timely project completion.
  • A custom workflow in Relativity helped improve the process of running time-consuming multiple searches.
  • Analytics solutions including customized selective coding propagation, automated redaction, and redaction propagation further streamlined review.
  • The analytics team developed a ‘smart batching’ workflow to prioritize review of documents most likely to be responsive. The generation of statistics on the efficacy of this prioritization enabled counsel to convince the opposing party to accept review of less than the full population because the vast majority of
    the responsive documents had already been identified.
  • Managing more than 200 contractor reviewers, the team successfully executed a fast, efficient review.

Results Achieved

  • Reduced by 40% the volume of documents requiring human review, realizing significant cost reduction as a result.
  • Analytics and workflows accelerated review, allowing compliant productions within a tight timeframe.
  • Significantly reduced the risk of inadvertently producing sensitive data, using data scanning and analytics tools to identify patient names, home addresses, social security numbers and other PII

Company Profile

A Fortune 200 domestic pharmaceutical company and a Fortune Global 250 international pharmaceutical company, with combined annual revenues of more than $49 billion.

Services Utilized