Protection of PII in Public Record Request

A high-profile state university required to produce documents that include protected information.

Client Challenge

A high-profile state university, was required to produce documents consisting of hundreds of thousands of pages in response to various public record requests. These documents contained more than 40 different types of information that were exempt from production, including HIPAA and PII. Beyond complying with standard privacy considerations, the university could have faced significant penalties for producing certain personal information relating to students.

Consilio Response

The team implemented a custom workflow to not only identify the documents that required redaction, but to also index over 40 types of production exemptions and to ensure the client avoided possible penalties for producing protected information.

Results Achieved

The Consilio team reviewed over 680,000 pages, performing redactions and identifying documents that were exempt from production. For each public records request, the team cataloged these documents by the federal and/or state statutes/ regulations that protected this information.

Company Profile

High-Profile State University

Services Utilized