Managed Review Enables 12 Attorneys to Beat One-Week Deadline

Consilio provides managed review services to a prestigious law firm and successfully reviews 70,000 documents in one-week.

Client Challenge

On a Sunday, Consilio was contacted by a prestigious law firm that required an experienced managed review team to complete a 70,000 document project with an imminent one-week deadline.

Consilio Response

Consilio’s investments in on-demand expert guides, proven processes and robust technology was crucial in successfully delivering for this client. Working extended hours, we expedited processing and data reduction so that review could begin promptly and assembled a high-caliber, experienced team of 12 attorneys for the review itself well in advance of the Friday deadline

Results Achieved

By close of business the Wednesday after the project was initiated, all documents were reviewed and ready for production. Consilio delivered a full service managed review, including processing, hosting, and production, all in 48 hours without sacrificing quality for speed.

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High Profile Law Firm

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