Highly Sensitive Review and Response to European Commission Request

Client Challenge

One of the largest multinational chemical companies was facing several inquiries by the European Commission looking at the company’s business practices. Our clients faced several challenges posed by:

  •  Large volume, over one terabyte of raw data, collected by the client’s in-house IT department.
  • Highly sensitive documents collected from Board Members requiring very controlled review process.
  • Need for tight coordination between client’s general counsel & legal team, European Commission, opposing party, outside counsel for the matter, and Consilio project and review teams.
  • Tight deadlines to review large set of documents and need for a secured workflow.
  • Extreme need to control privileged and sensitive information from being disseminated outside controlled workflow.

Consilio Response

Collaborating with the client and outside counsel, we implemented a customized workflow to conform to the client’s specific security concerns, ensure a quality review while driving down the total cost. Coordinated between client’s general counsel, matter-specific legal team, outside counsel and review teams, Consilio:

  • Received over one terabyte of collected data from the client’s in-house IT department and processed using smart culling to host approximately 270 gigabytes of data (a 73.6% reduction).
  • Two review solutions were established for the project: one leveraging Consilio’s enhanced Relativity workspace and a secured, on-client-site review environment specifically for highly sensitive review of client’s board-level documents.
  • Data responsive to the European Commission’s Request for Information was exported from the on-site solution to Consilio’s secured environment for production. Client custodians were granted access and reviewed their documents in compartmentalized security groups.
  • Consilio applied privileged terms, generated productions meeting European Commission & client’s specifications.

Results Achieved

  • Meeting the mandated timelines of the Request for Information and client’s requirements, our Consilio Brussels operation delivered a total of 6 productions on-time to the European Commission on secured hard-drive media.
  • Compartmentalized review workflows and technology infrastructure successfully addressed client’s concerns regarding highly sensitive board-level documents.
  • Efficient workflows, rigorous quality control and tight coordination ensured client was able to balance a high level discovery process with controlled costs.

Company Profile

One of the largest multinational chemical manufacturers globally.

Services Utilized