Custom Engineering Enables Redaction of Documents for High-Profile IP Dispute

A large collection of documents needed redaction for a discovery deadline. Custom scripting of the redaction tools were developed, utilized, and allowed us to complete the request in a correct and timely outcome.

Client Challenge

Consilio’s client, a large international IP law firm, was representing a specialty pharmaceutical company involved in a high-profile IP dispute. The case involved privacy concerns related to HIPAA regulations, which required redaction of a large collection of documents. This was not a straightforward process and the client was at risk of missing the short discovery deadline.

Consilio Response

Over the course of 16 consecutive days, the Consilio team developed custom scripting of the redaction tools to successfully deliver on the request. Furthermore, the Consilio team applied consistent monitoring and manual intervention when needed to facilitate the request.

Results Achieved

Consilio accurately redacted the specified documents using the customized, automated solution within the client’s tight time frame to avoid court sanctions. This required not only familiarity with the nature of such discovery requests, but also the expertise and technical skills to quickly develop the needed technology and the project management processes to ensure a correct and timely outcome.

Company Profile

IP Law Firm

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