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An Embarrassment of Riches: Analytic Tools and Techniques

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The tide of data never stops rising, and the types and sources of data never stop multiplying. Never have there been so many communication devices, apps, and services available. Never have there been so many ways to collaborate with others and generate electronically-stored information (ESI). Unfortunately, that also means there has never been more data that legal practitioners must somehow find a way to analyze and review. Finding a way that is efficient and effective requires understanding the range of tools and techniques available to you so you can pick the right tool for the right job.

In this Practice Guide

  • Use cases and goals for analytic tool use
  • The range of analytic tools available
  • How to match tools to your goals

Key Insights

  • Which tools are best for revealing unknown unknowns
  • Which tools are best for collection gap analysis
  • Which tools are best for fast ECA and review

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