10 Practical Tips for Starting Out—or Restarting—as an LDO

10 Practical Tips for Starting Out - or Restarting - as an LDO, Front Page, ScreenshotWhether you’ve just been hired as your organization’s first law department operations manager (LDO) or have been recruited into a more mature legal operations infrastructure, you’re likely to face a series of challenges: a staff who resists management efforts, an aversion to change and a lack of established processes and infrastructure. Overall, you can feel like you’ve been assigned to herd cats! But by opening the lines of communication, setting a game plan up front and marshaling your team, you’ll be able to hit the ground running with a clear vision of how you can steward the department. The following 10 steps will get you started on the right track—or help you start over if your previous efforts have fallen flat.

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