Consilio In Action: How the Company’s Global Reach Helped One Firm Conquer Complex, Cross-Border eDiscovery

Electronic discovery in large, complex cases is never easy. When those cases cross international borders, they are even more challenging.

Mitch Shelowitz, the managing partner of Shelowitz Law Group, an international law firm in New York City and Tel Aviv, knows that all too well. Focusing primarily on business and intellectual property law, the firm works with some of the largest technology and social media companies in the world.

With large litigation and dispute resolution matters involving cutting-edge issues comes significant eDiscovery. For some of the firm’s most critical cross-border matters, Consilio has been instrumental. “They’re seasoned and experienced and have been a true partner in complex litigations involving thousands of pages of electronic documents,” Mitch says. “Consilio is our hands-down favorite over all other providers. I’ve been litigating for over 30 years and have worked with a variety of discovery vendors. Consilio has earned this praise.”

Joining Forces with Consilio

The firm had used Special Counsel as its eDiscovery provider before Special Counsel was acquired by Consilio. As the firm was searching for the right vendor to help with an ongoing litigation, Michael Manzo, now a Consilio employee, answered the call. “From the first moment, Michael’s approach to service won us over,” Mitch says. Michael helped form a great relationship between firm and vendor. “Michael became part of the team and was always available when we needed assistance,” Mitch explains. “He proved himself to be a great partner, and we had a great relationship with the whole team.”

After Special Counsel merged with Consilio, Shelowitz Law Group again required the services of an experienced eDiscovery provider. There was zero doubt in Mitch’s mind that Michael was the right person to help. Michael introduced the firm to Consilio, and the rest is history – there was no need to even vet other providers. The relationship has been great ever since. “Michael is always checking in and has been very proactive, even offering updates on new Consilio services from time to time,” Mitch says.

Tackling International Data Privacy

Mitch particularly needed Consilio’s help when it came to a cross-border engagement that involved non-U.S. data and required navigating the stringent requirements of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

Consilio played the critical role of consulting with the firm’s corporate client on strategies for collecting data in Europe, reviewing that data, and producing it in the U.S., all while staying in compliance with the GDPR’s various clauses involving the processing and cross-border transfer of personal data.

“We had very strict deadlines,” explains Mitch. “There were some cases where Consilio had only a week or less to obtain the foreign documents from the clients, upload them, review them through their foreign language review team and process the documents for production.” This included both paper documents that needed to be scanned and electronic documents that needed to be collected digitally.

Consilio collected data from numerous custodians and various sources located in Europe. Consilio’s global footprint and technical infrastructure allowed for keeping all data in its specific European region to comply with individual nations’ data privacy requirements. Consilio processed the data in the local European country and hosted the data in Consilio’s country-specific Relativity environments.

“With this case, there was discovery not only in the U.S., but in Europe, which required a team overseas,” explains Mitch. “With Consilio, we were able to communicate with clients in their native language and could handle document collection in other countries. Michael was the team leader, and there was another team on the ground in Europe handling collection and review.”

Cross-Border Collaboration

Consilio’s local presence in various European countries allowed its project managers to communicate with the client team in their local native language. “This enabled us to avoid potentially critical communication gaps and allowed the project to proceed at a much quicker pace,” Mitch explains.

In the end, Consilio was able to meet the deadlines for this extra-complex project, much to Mitch’s satisfaction. “For the document production and everything that goes along with it, the Consilio team was very professional, and they really inspired confidence,” Mitch says.

The Consilio Difference

In the face of time constraints, language barriers, international regulatory requirements and more, Consilio delivered everything the firm asked for in the time frame promised. “From service to budgeting, everything they said they would do to make our lives easier, they did it,” says Mitch.

His favorite thing about Consilio is what he calls the “can-do attitude” and willingness to go the extra mile. Michael was there whenever the firm needed him. This is no surprise given Michael’s approach to working with clients: “Service, service, service. Always service your clients to the highest level.”

As Michael points out, many law firms struggled to handle large, international litigations in the past. Now, however, “with Consilio being global, we offer an extension to law firms so they can handle these cases,” he says.

In this case, Mitch reports that Consilio immediately did everything the firm asked of it. “The things they do saved us a ton of time and resources. They can step in with hardly any notice and really rise to the occasion.” he says.

So would Mitch recommend Consilio to other law firms?

“Definitely. We know at our firm that, whenever we ask for their help, no matter how complex the issue, they will respond and deliver,” he concludes. “They’re very responsive and deliver great results, along with a true partnership.”