Isabelle Schüler & Pasha Moshirian

Consilio In Action: Going the Extra Mile for Clients

Sometimes keeping your clients happy means going the distance. For Isabelle Schüler, Regional Manager in Consilio’s Frankfurt office, that’s not just an expression. Isabelle once had to book a last-second international flight to make sure a deadline was maintained. That’s just one example of her dedication to making sure all aspects of the work she does is handled correctly.

“She’s the person who drives everything in the office, for our employees and clients,” says Pasha Moshirian, the head of Consilio’s Project Management Department in Frankfurt. “Most importantly, she jumps in wherever, whenever she’s needed.”

Always Learning and Being Proactive

Isabelle joined Consilio four and a half years ago. Since then, she’s worked her way into an influential member of the team. “I’m someone who is always trying to think ahead,” she explains. “I’ve gotten to know the company, our services, and the needs of our departments quite well.”

Isabelle explains, “I’m always trying to understand more, to learn the important things to ask and what our clients’ needs are. I think that’s all important to create trust and to build a relationship with the client. I always want to ensure that Consilio is known as a partner our clients can rely on.”

“At the end of the day, we do everything we can to make sure that our services matched the clients’ needs,” she explains. “Forming relationships with clients really makes my day.” If issues arise that she is not able to solve on her own, Isabelle works with her team to find the right solution for every client.

What makes Isabelle so good to work with in Pasha’s view? “Her positive attitude toward delivering service excellence to both internal and external customers,” he says.

A Look Inside the Frankfurt Office

Consilio’s Frankfurt location has a lot of activity going on. Just because someone’s title is Project Manager, for example, doesn’t mean they’re only working on project management tasks. While the Frankfurt office is growing, everyone works together and everyone’s workflows go hand-in-hand. People pitch in on a variety of tasks to make sure everything gets done right for Consilio’s clients.

Isabelle, perhaps more than anyone, is a perfect example, in that she coordinates with nearly everyone in the office when new projects come in or when clients have questions about projects. “It’s important for me that our Frankfurt office works together as a team,” she says. “I believe we can only be successful if we support each other and believe in each other.

eDiscovery is also not as well known in Germany as it might be in the US, so having a good reputation means Consilio’s doing an excellent job. “I am very proud to work for one of the global players in this market,” Isabelle says. “To me, it’s very important to move the brand forward.”

Pasha agrees, saying, “It’s our ultimate goal to see our clients happy by providing a seamless service, that is what we do everyday, 24/7. It’s one of the reasons we have so many clients.” Even competitors have given us compliments, saying how easy it was to work together and commenting on how smoothing everything had gone. All of this just keeps Isabelle coming back for more.

Going to Extreme Lengths to Make Clients Happy

Isabelle has been known to go the extra mile for Consilio’s clients – literally. In one instance, Consilio had data in hand in Germany in the morning and found out it needed to be produced in Brussels by 4:00 p.m. While a lot of people’s reaction would be that it was impossible to make it in time, Isabelle booked a last-second flight to Brussels. “I just tried to think positive and never believed that it wasn’t doable,” she says. “I’ll never forget that experience and what the team and I were able to do. It was an incredible feeling that we succeeded in making the production and did well for our client.”

Pasha states, “I can rely on her, and our clients can rely on her. She always has the best interest of everyone in mind. If you need something, she will do everything she can to make it happen.”

Simply put, “she’s really a superstar,” he concludes.