Consilio’s Recruitment and Review Management Teams in Europe Win Constellation Award for Operational Efficiency

Consilio’s recruitment and review management teams based across Europe recently received a Constellation Award in the Operating Efficiency category, recognizing their outstanding cross-border collaboration and integration that have led to improved productivity and client satisfaction.

The Consilio Constellation Awards are a way to recognize individuals and teams who have demonstrated commitment, creativity and value across the global company, and the Operating Efficiency category recognizes contributions toward improving productivity, advancing Consilio’s technology or simplifying solutions for employees or clients.

“This Constellation Award is for our entire recruitment and review management staff in Europe because we work closely together with mutual respect, regardless of job title or role. Our opinions are valued by each other, which shows in our successful project outcomes.” –Fee Kirchhoff, Director for Review Solutions, Frankfurt

Collaborative Spirit Across Borders

The globally dispersed group including members in the U.K., Germany, Japan, Bulgaria, Spain and India has achieved seamless coordination. By adapting their operating model to provide unified service delivery across regions, the review solutions team has significantly increased Consilio’s capability to take on complex cross-border projects for key clients.

While a far-flung geographical makeup might seem on the surface to add an insurmountable layer of complexity, the distance has lent to team strength. This is due to mutual understanding about the importance of schedule flexibility.

Nicole Costa, who serves in a recruiting capacity out of Frankfurt, explains: “Flexible schedules let people work core hours but also take time off when needed without guilt for leaving work behind. We respect life outside work. Along with working hard, maintaining strong colleague relationships is essential for an optimal team environment. We help each other whenever necessary, happily taking on extra tasks required. No one works strict 9 to 5 hours with global colleagues across time zones. But we support each other during busy times and tight deadlines, ensuring everyone feels appreciated.”

The Evolution of a Unified European Team

“For many years, we operated separately,” notes Fee Kirchhoff, director of review solutions out of Frankfurt. “But now we function as a unified European team.”  This collaborative spirit that has taken root in Frankfurt has spread to other locations where other teams now work seamlessly and provide one another moral support.  The tight-knit culture is paying off with strong results.

Some of the major accomplishments highlighting operating efficiency include:

  • Shortened reviewer recruitment turnaround times by leveraging overnight recruiting support based in Japan.
  • Expanded reviewer network across 30 countries.
  • Added cyber review capabilities while also strategically recruiting specialized reviewers in certain markets.
  • Ongoing dialogue between Europe and India teams to determine optimal workflow balancing quality and cost.
  • Tight collaboration between recruitment and review management to provide actionable feedback on reviewers that enhances outcomes.

By emphasizing cross-training, clear communication and mutual respect between team members across regions and roles, staff have jointly developed trust and partnership that translate into smoother operations and better customer satisfaction.

The key to their success, says Fee, is “that we learn from experiences, even imperfect ones, focusing on key lessons rather than placing blame. Though mistakes happen, it’s what we gain that matters most.”

This collaborative spirit and the willingness to learn from experience have driven continuous improvement in balancing service delivery across locations while meeting client needs both efficiently and effectively. The Constellation Award recognizes the review solutions team’s outstanding achievement in operational excellence through seamless teamwork across borders. Their integration as a cohesive unit sets an example for other Consilio teams worldwide.

Meet the Key Contributors

Fee Kirchhoff serves as a director for review solutions and is based in Frankfurt. She has been with the company since 2016, originally serving as a freelance contractor. Fee oversees all operational aspects of European and U.S. cross-border review projects and is responsible for the strategic commencement and tactical supervision of reviews throughout their entire eDiscovery life cycle.

Nicole Costa serves the international recruiting team and is based in Frankfurt. The role of the recruiting team is to help review managers organize teams by finding suitable candidates for projects while also handling administrative tasks.