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Why Now Is the Time for Legal Teams to Invest in Self-Service eDiscovery



Back in the late 2000s, implementing eDiscovery software typically involved the deployment of on-premises, server-based software, or individually licensed desktop software. In the past few years, however, there has been a growing trend of organizations looking toward self-service eDiscovery for these, which entails moving beyond those early solutions to adopting “next-generation” eDiscovery software – software that is hosted, modern and “simpler” – with the hopes of more efficiently tackling these small to mid-size matters. In this free White Paper, Consilio Head of Onboarding Programs Steve Shaw reviews what you need to know about self-service eDiscovery, including the problems it’s designed to solve and the benefits it brings to the practice of law.

In this Whitepaper

  • Strengths and weaknesses of prior approaches
  • Potential benefits of self-service eDiscovery
  • Selection criteria for evaluating solutions

Key Insights

  • How you can reallocate responsibilities
  • Why solutions must scale with matters
  • The importance of flexible support

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