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Operationalizing Contract Review & Negotiation

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The past few years have ushered in many changes in how organizations are working. Now, more than ever, corporate legal leaders must take a realistic look at how their in-house team is operating, evaluate how to drive efficiencies, and assess when it may be time to bring in some help. One area savvy corporate teams focus on first is their contract review and negotiation processes. Contracts are an essential part of business, but they can be time-consuming and costly. Many legal departments are swimming in contracts and don’t have a manageable, efficient system in place. Repetitive and inefficient processes are a drain on time and can result in missed opportunities and costly mistakes.

In this Practice Guide

  • How to do a process review
  • Conducting a cost benefit analysis
  • The role of flexible staffing and technology

Key Insights

  • The benefits of repeatable processes
  • The importance of a central repository
  • The value of creating playbooks

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