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Keeping Control of Critical Data When Key Employees Depart

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Losing a key employee is never easy. They often take with them institutional knowledge, important relationships, and critical skill sets. All this is enough of a challenge, but if they also take confidential information with them, it becomes an even more pressing data security challenge. Organizations today rely heavily upon electronically stored information (ESI) – and when employees leave, there’s always a risk that they’ll take some of that ESI with them when they go – either inadvertently or on purpose.

Because this can represent significant risks to organizations in terms of data security – representing risks from data privacy and security to intellectual property and competitive positioning – it’s important for legal and compliance teams to both identify potential risks associated with departing employees and implement policies and procedures to safeguard valuable information.

In this Practice Guide

  • Guidance on how to assess risks
  • Discussion of policy development
  • Top five tips for preventing data loss

Key Insights

  • Why prevention is better than cure
  • The importance of legal-IT collaboration
  • The value of post-mortem reviews

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