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Clear the Final Merger Hurdle: A Guide to Second Requests in the Age of Analytics



Second Requests are high velocity, high volume, and high visibility — under normal circumstances. Now, as legal departments are facing an unprecedented post-pandemic economy, possible administration change, and ever-growing reliance on digital communication, the demands in this final merger step are higher than ever. Having a rock-solid workflow and the right partner helps ensure success.

Having a reliable, repeatable approach to Second Requests allows legal teams to be flexible and responsive when the Department of Justice (DOJ) or Federal Trade Commission (FTC) come knocking. In the coming months and years, this may prove critical. Corporate and outside counsel should prepare now for the M&A activity that lies ahead. It starts with — and ultimately depends on — process and people.

In this Whitepaper

  • Six elements of a second requests workflow
  • Four areas for evaluation of partners
  • Key terms to know

Key Insights

  • The coming M&A explosion
  • The importance of repeatable processes
  • The role of technology

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