Reduce Total Cost Through Predictive Coding and Managed Review

Claims of unfair competition, price-fixing, and other violations of antitrust law were brought against a group of suppliers.

Client Challenge

Our client was overwhelmed by discovery requests that required broad, voluminous document collection and review. A balance between cost management and reasonable compliance became difficult due to:

  • Rising costs associated with culling large volumes of documents.
  • Tight discovery deadlines that required large numbers of eyes-on reviewers.
  • In-house unfamiliarity with technology that could expedite or enhance processing, culling, and review of their large volume of data.

Consilio Response

With client and outside counsel collaboration we delivered technology and consulting services fueled by our analytics capabilities, which included:

  • A combination of expert managed review with award-winning, technology-assisted review capabilities.
  • Project and review management teams conducting a quick-turn manual review of custodians most likely to contain relevant data.
  • Leveraging predictive coding technology to apply decisions from the initial manual review to the remaining documents in the population.

Results Achieved

  • Reduced $800,000 in costs through the elimination of ~700,000 documents from human review.
  • Saved 40% of the total cost of review by assessing, installing, and maintaining an in-house, technology assisted review solution powered by secure technology hosting and review facilities.

Company Profile

A wireless telecom company with annual revenue of more than $20 billion.

Services Utilized