Optimizing Review: Driving a Seamless CSDISCO to Relativity Data Migration for a Global Entertainment Giant

Client Challenge

The global interactive entertainment company faced a significant challenge when several of their ongoing matters were hampered by support issues arising from another vendor within the CSDISCO platform. With the matters active and of massive scale, spanning multiple active workspaces, Consilio was engaged to explore swiftly migrating these workspaces to our Relativity infrastructure. The matters at hand were not only substantial but also active, adding a layer of complexity to the data migration process.

Consilio Response

Consilio, a trusted partner in the eDiscovery and litigation support space, was brought in to address this in- tricate issue. One of the key challenges was migrating data from active cases, which required a strategic and meticulous approach. The Consilio team meticulously designed a plan that included incremental updates leading up to a limited cut-over, ensuring a reduced cut-over window to mitigate disruptions.

To ensure the successful transition of the matters, the Consilio team went beyond data migration. They proactively set up layouts, user accounts, and workflows, laying the foundation for a seamless post-cutover operation. Anticipating an increased volume of user questions and assistance post-cutover, the team at Consilio also committed to providing dedicated support to the client.

Results Achieved

Consilio’s expertise and proactive approach paid off, as the entire migration process was completed in less than two months, meeting the client’s stringent timeline requirements. This complex, live matter data migration was executed flawlessly – migrating all of the requested data, including four workspaces, 30 million records, 150 productions, and 2,500 tags, alleviating the support needs that had previously hindered the matters’ progress. Now hosted on Consilio’s secure global infrastructure, the client benefitted from enhanced Relativity capabilities, increased thoroughput, and robust scale.

The reduced cut-over window, incremental updates, and pre-cutover preparations ensured that the client’s operations continued without significant disruption. Post-cutover, the client benefited from a smooth transition and dedicated support, resulting in a highly successful migration. Ultimately, the client was able to regain control of their data, continue their legal proceedings, achieve a seamless transition from the CSDISCO platform to Relativity, and set the stage for future collaboration.

Company Profile

A global interactive entertainment company

Services Utilized