Healthcare Market Dynamic-Changing Second Request

Consilio assists eight sizeable healthcare entities undergoing a monumental second request antitrust investigation.

Client Challenge

Eight sizable healthcare entities undergoing regulatory scrutiny of a merger transaction – a deal described as the most significant change to the structure of the subject state’s healthcare market in decades – sought Consilio’s world-renowned expertise to solve collection, processing, data analytics, review and production challenges in a monumental Second Request antitrust investigation.

Consilio Response

Facing immutable, cursory production deadlines, Consilio deployed leading-edge strategies to commandeer roughly 20 million records for 110 custodians; championed a customized, multifaceted TAR master plan to probe the inordinate population; and promptly produced 5 million+ records to the U.S. federal government.

Harnessing predictive coding and other attuned data analytics and review expediencies, Consilio executed complex, parallel machine-learning analyses, excavating relevant files for production within each entities’ conceptually distinct data corpus, and defensibly triumphing 80% recall demands at government-injunctive statistical prerequisites.

Results Achieved

Despite high richness levels typical of Second Requests, Consilio secured timely productions and appreciably diminished litigation overhead by culling over four million documents from human review, all while necessitating subject matter expert review of only a mere fraction of a percent of the TAR-eligible population in their potent algorithm-training process.

Company Profile

Eight Healthcare Entities

Services Utilized