Automated Redaction of PII Yields Significant Savings

This was a discovery request which required a high volume of PII to be redacted. The Consilio team redacted using an in-house, automated tool, benefiting the client by having hundreds less of billable hours.

Client Challenge

Our client, a large discount retailer, was the subject of a putative class action involving claims of discrimination. In response to discovery requests, our client was required to produce thousands of pages of personnel records, each page containing as many as 50 instances of PII that required redaction.

Consilio Response

The Consilio team identified several categories of PII that took the form of regular expressions (e.g. social security numbers). Using an in-house, automated redaction tool, the team was able to automatically apply redactions across over 10,000 pages of personnel records. The team then validated the redactions and made minimal additional redactions.

Results Achieved

The application of automated redactions ensured a consistent work product and saved the client hundreds of billable hours.

Company Profile

Large Discount Retailer

Services Utilized