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Reporting in Sightline

Today’s matters demand access to insights and data without the need for a service call, custom scripting or a lengthy wait. Reporting in Sightline is designed to remove barriers and give you access to intuitive tools to power your reporting workflow on your terms.

Demystify Your Review

For review managers, knowing a review’s progress, activity levels and outcomes should not be mysteries to solve for. Sightline is different from other eDiscovery software platform by making everything about your review transparent, with reports that are customizable and shareable – without the need for service calls – so case teams are no longer in the dark.

7 Different Standard Review Progress Reports

Understand overall review progress

Customize and save your own reports based on your preferences

Share your customized reports with others on the case team

Share your reports with others inside Sightline or outside via email

Automatically schedule your reports to run and distribute in the future

Compare reviewer time on task and productivity to others

Export work product or metadata for selected records

Audit the activity of any user or any document

Understanding is Step One

What do I have in my documents? It is the question asked in every eDiscovery matter. Sightline lets you explore your data with interactive investigatory tools — to improve understanding, aid in culling and enable prioritization — before you start your review.

Communications Explorer

Quickly spot communication patterns in email communications

Concept Explorer

Understand key concepts within any subpopulation of documents without having to look at each document


Generate interactive pivot reports of any work product or metadata field against any other field

Timeline & Gaps

Look at any subpopulation of documents in a timeline and drill down to the date range of interest.

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