Podcast: What’s New with Forensics?!

Speakers: Sean Conlon, Manager and Robert Fried, Senior Director

As technology has evolved, so has our ability to identify, store, access and export electronic data.  This podcast will focus on the aspects of forensic preservation of electronic data from current and emerging data sources.  Considerations and recommendations are offered to assist in handling these data sources in the most defensible and efficient manner.  During this podcast we are joined by a Senior Director of Consilio’s Digital Forensics & Expert Services practice, Robert Fried who manages, investigates and performs digital evidence collections and examinations on behalf of Consilio’s clients. Robert has over 18 years of experience in digital forensics, holds numerous computer forensics industry certifications, is a licensed Private Investigator in New York and a Professional Investigator in Michigan. We also have Consilio Business Development Manager Sean Conlon. Sean is responsible for providing cutting edge investigatory and litigation support services for corporations, governmental agencies and AM Law Firms worldwide. He has over twelve years of experience providing exceptional quality of service, project management and end-to-end electronic discovery solutions to his clients.

Listen to the podcast here: