Case Study: Leveraging Riskcovery® to Prepare Rapid Grand Jury Subpoena Response

Client Challenge

In a recent Riskcovery® engagement, the client received a subpoena to testify before a grand jury with less than twenty days notice, requiring the production of documents in advance of the testimony. Potentially responsive documents were located throughout the Client’s various divisions, and the scope of the request spanned multiple issues for the prior five years.

To assist the client, Consilio’s Riskcovery Analysts needed to collect and analyze all potentially relevant documents from eight web-based email accounts, in addition to an unknown quantity of native files housed on an external hard drive, and various materials from a laptop. Additionally, the project required collection of various data stores from websites which had been used to host marketing materials and website publications.

Consilio Response

Consilio’s Team used Riskcovery to acquire and analyze data from all identified sources. Using the connectors built into Riskcovery, the Analyst was able to access, index, and cache all of the emails stored in the web-based email accounts. Thereafter, data from the hard drive and laptop was also ingested. In three days’ time, Analysts ingested and indexed more than thirty-five thousand files.

Next, the Analysts developed a taxonomy based on the information included in the subpoena, insight provided by counsel as to what they were searching for, and samples identified within the ingested data. Riskcovery’s integrated Communication Matrix allowed them to quickly identify relevant emails to be used as additional samples. After conceptual analysis, the total number of documents that were exported for review was less than one thousand.

Results Achieved

After analysis, exported data was processed and hosted in counsel’s review platform. Review was completed in three days, after which Consilio prepared the documents for production according the standards and within the timeline dictated by the Court.

Ultimately, the review-ready data population was less than one percent of the original thirty-five thousand documents; using proven technologies and methods, Consilio and counsel were able to quickly and defensibly identify the documents that needed to be produced well within the specified timeline

Matter Profile

Consilio assisted a client who received a subpoena to testify before a grand jury with less than twenty days’ notice.

Solutions Utilized