Investigation Quickly Uncovers Evidence of Harassment Enabling Decisive Preventative Action

Finding questionable communication between a teacher and student by utilizing combination of forensics and Riskcovery services.

Client Challenge

A concerned parent of a high school student approached a school district after finding questionable text messages between a teacher and the student. Unfortunately, because the student recently obtained a new phone, the parent did not have access to the full historical record. The teacher refused to turn over his own cell phone. The school district, therefore, wanted a forensic image of the teacher’s laptop along with analysis and investigation to see if there might be any evidence of misconduct.

Consilio Response

Consilio used a combination of forensic tools and its patented Riskcovery® risk assessment platform to help the school district identify documents and communication that might indicate unsuitable behavior. A forensic analysis of the image taken from the laptop uncovered many pictures – most of which were school and classroom related. Data from the laptop, including backups of the school-issued email account and webmail fragments from a personal Gmail account, was then ingested into Riskcovery for a communication analysis. The search was narrowed to exclude school district email domains. A proprietary taxonomy for sexual harassment that included both keywords and sample documents was then applied, which identified 118 suspect communications with students, parents and another teacher. Inappropriate pictures of the teacher were found along with suggestive language and attempts to make plans to meet outside of school hours.

Results Achieved

Within a week of receiving the teacher’s laptop, Consilio identified potential victims of sexual harassment and abuse and identified enough evidence to suggest wrongdoing and to warrant action. A report was sent to the school district highlighting the inappropriate communication of the teacher. The teacher was fired and a report was sent out to all the parents of the involved students. Additional legal action was eventually taken against the teacher. The Riskcovery analysis provided early insight into the situation before the school district incurred any additional risk – and students additional harassing behavior.

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