AM Law 200 Meets Review Deadline Jeopardized by Existing Vendor

This case was a fastmoving class action lawsuit. With just four weeks to complete review for responsiveness and privilege on a data set of nearly one million documents, outside counsel called Consilio on a Friday morning to request help with review and production of documents under short deadline.

Client Challenge

Initially this eDiscovery project was conducted with another eDiscovery provider, using external-hosting for review and a predictive coding tool. As the initial effort progressed, the client and counsel lost confidence in the tools and results, when some important documents surfaced after being overlooked. They needed a more effective solution.

The client and counsel sought out Consilio to do a course correction on the review and keep the project on track.

Specific challenges included:

  • A need to rapidly ramp up a review team to more than 100 reviewers in less than 48 hours.
  • Adjust processes and work flow to compensate for the lack of features in the externally-hosted review tool, including key term highlighting.
  • Coordinating review across external and internal teams to ensure the documents were coded correctly and deadline met.

Consilio Response

Consilio consulting team considered the big picture – work flows, technology and processes – to create a plan to keep the project on track. Collaborating closely with outside counsel, Consilio consultants utilized expert managed review personnel to ensure consistency of coding and to closely track the progress of the review team. The team worked extended hours and weekends to meet the required timetables.

Consilio Review Services focus on applying the right talent to every task, automating and optimizing work flows and improving speed and accuracy. Among the Review Services employed:

  • Initial Targeted Review assures that the most likely responsive documents are prioritized for review.
  • Smart AssignmentsTM leverage continuous learning analytics to inform decisions, assess proportionality, and optimize review for the most cost-effective results.
  • Report Gateway and Consilio Dashboard reporting monitor case data as it moves from ingestion through processing, review and production, and track review progress.

Results Achieved

  • No Sanctions: On-time production eliminated the possible risk of sanctions.
  • Rapid Response: Having received a request on a Friday, Consilio coordinated a kick off of the review team the following Monday.
  • Optimized Talent: Trained more than 200 reviewers on the substantive background of the case and document review tool.
  • Accelerated Review: The expanded team reviewed close to one million documents and logged more than ten thousand privilege documents in less than four weeks to meet deadline.

Company Profile

AMLaw 200 law firm on behalf of a leading tobacco company in the United States.

Services Utilized