3 Case Teams, 2 Review Centers Assembled In 1 Week and Under Budget

The project was a short deadline discovery production in three cases, within two cities — San Diego and San Francisco. Teams and facilities were staffed accordingly. In less than a week, all production deadlines and requirements were met.

Client Challenge

A prestigious law firm was faced with short discovery production deadlines in three cases. The firm’s San Diego office contacted Consilio to assemble two teams of experienced, high-quality contract attorneys in San Diego and one team in San Francisco – for projects beginning within days of each other.

Consilio Response

Consilio assembled teams of over 25 attorneys and developed a temporary review facility in San Diego. This required our team to quickly screen and select high-caliber groups of review attorneys for the client’s three cases. They set up one team in our San Francisco Review Center and quickly procured a prime location and state of the art equipment for the two San Diego teams. Our managed review team then oversaw all technical aspects of the reviews.

Results Achieved

Consilio established a new review facility and assembled review teams for the three cases in less than a week. Collaborating with the client’s managing counsel, Consilio provided high-quality managed review, including privilege review, logs and redactions. All production deadlines were met in time and under budget.

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Prestigious Law Firm

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