Webinar: Off-Channel Communications: Strategies and Best Practices

Webinar: Off-Channel Communications: Strategies and Best Practices Never have there been so many communication devices, apps, and services available for use by employees, and employees helping themselves to these options can create

Webinar: Celebrating eDiscovery Day 2022

Webinar: Celebrating eDiscovery Day 2022 Join us as we celebrate eDiscovery day with a 30-minute discussion covering some notable cases from 2022, as well as some technological innovations for improving efficiency and quality while

Webinar: Cloud Watching: Strategies and Best Practices for Microsoft 365 Discovery

Webinar: Cloud Watching: Strategies and Best Practices for Microsoft 365 Discovery Microsoft 365 was already widely-used before 2020, and the rise of remote work since then has caused adoption and use of

Sampling Techniques for Litigation and Investigations

Despite years of discussion in the eDiscovery industry about the power and importance of sampling techniques – particularly in the context of technology-assisted review (TAR), many practitioners remain unfamiliar with what they can accomplish with them, and when, outside of TAR, they might do so.

Six Data Protection Strategies for Legal Teams: Mitigating Risk, Maintaining Reputation

No organization is immune from cyber incidents. Although helpful, minimalist data protection practices are often not enough to save organizations from costly data loss and embarrassing reputational damage. This Practice Guide reviews six strategies for mitigating the risk of cyber incidents in your organization.

Collecting Data from Mobile Devices and Their Applications

Due to the popularity and volume of mobile devices being used throughout the world, they have become common sources of digital evidence in litigation proceedings. It is important to understand the different types of data that can be extracted from mobile devices, mobile device backups, and the cloud.

Digital Data Collections in Accordance with the Disclosure Pilot Scheme

The preservation and collection of ESI is the foundation of any disclosure exercise. In the Business and Property Courts of England and Wales, the gathering of ESI must be conducted in accordance with the Practice Direction 51U - Disclosure Pilot Scheme.

ED107 – The Final Countdown: Production Fundamentals

Production is another discovery activity, like collection and processing, in which technical decisions can have logistical and legal effects. For this reason, it is important for practitioners to understand the fundamentals of production.

ED105 – Clearing the Fog of War: ECA Fundamentals

The fog of war is apt shorthand for the state of uncertainty that exists early in a new legal matter: What are the facts? What are the risks? What evidence exists, and what does it show? Early case assessment (ECA) is how we start to answer those questions.

ED104 – Time to Make the Donuts: Processing Fundamentals

The range of potential ESI sources is continually multiplying and diversifying. Processing is how we work with that diverse range of materials without using as many different pieces of software as there are types of sources and how we enable searching and document identification across different source types.

ED102 – In the Beginning: Identification and Preservation Fundamentals

Identification and preservation are the first and most fundamental phases of an electronic discovery effort. The duty of (identification and) preservation is a foundational concept in our legal system that grows out of the common law concept of “spoliation,” which is nearly 300 years old.