Webinar: Off-Channel Communications: Strategies and Best Practices

Webinar: Off-Channel Communications: Strategies and Best Practices Never have there been so many communication devices, apps, and services available for use by employees, and employees helping themselves to these options can create

Six Data Protection Strategies for Legal Teams: Mitigating Risk, Maintaining Reputation

No organization is immune from cyber incidents. Although helpful, minimalist data protection practices are often not enough to save organizations from costly data loss and embarrassing reputational damage. This Practice Guide reviews six strategies for mitigating the risk of cyber incidents in your organization.

ED103 – The Grand Scavenger Hunt: Collection Fundamentals

Since electronically-stored information (ESI) has become the norm in discovery, competence with technology has become an essential part of being an effective legal practitioner, and understanding the technology fundamentals of collection has become essential to fulfilling a lawyer’s duty of technology competence.

ED101 – The Evolving Duty of Technology Competence

In discovery specifically, and in legal practice generally, the role of electronically-stored information (ESI) and new technology has grown exponentially over the past decade, as new sources have proliferated, new tools have become normalized, and new communication channels have supplanted the old.

New EU Regulation Makes Data Exchange with Countries More Difficult – Threat of More Legal Disputes

Börsen-Zeitung (June 8, 2018): Data Transfer Trouble (Translation from the German original „Daumenschrauben beim Datentransfer“) New EU regulation makes data exchange with countries more difficult – Threat of more legal disputes Author: Heidi Rohde.