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Women in Technology – Jackie Kamel

May 20th, 2024|

This blog is part of our ongoing Women in Technology series. With over a decade of experience in customer success and business leadership, Jackie is a seasoned professional dedicated to driving organizational growth and fostering exceptional customer relationships. Known for her ability to transform customer success strategies and maximize client retention, Jackie combines a strong analytical mindset with a passion for delivering unparalleled value to clients. As a former Manager of Customer Success, Jackie spearheaded initiatives that resulted in impressive increases in customer retention rates and significant revenue growth through strategic account management. Her expertise in customer success management, sales enablement, and project management has consistently positioned her as a trusted advisor and strategic partner to clients across diverse industries. In addition to her extensive client-facing expertise, she has played a pivotal role in shaping and fostering a vibrant organizational culture within her workplaces. Demonstrating her commitment to employee satisfaction and engagement, she held leadership positions such as Vice Chair of Membership Satisfaction for her company’s Lean In group, where she spearheaded initiatives to empower and support colleagues. As the Social Chair, she orchestrated memorable company-wide events, fostering camaraderie and team spirit. Her contributions further extended to serving on her company’s Shadow Board, where she advocated for inclusive decision-making processes that consider the diverse perspectives of all generations of workers. With a proven track record of success and a relentless drive for excellence, Jackie continues to make a profound impact in the world of customer success and beyond.

Women in Technology – Alexis Hayman

April 17th, 2024|

This blog is part of our ongoing Women in Technology series. Alexis Hayman is a Business Development Regional Director at Consilio. Alexis leads stakeholders in legal practice to define and deliver strategic solutions. Alexis draws on her past experiences as an attorney, experience director, and customer success leader to foster empathetic relationships and empower decision makers. With a thorough understanding of the client’s journey, Alexis considers not only the goals of a single project but each law practice’s full vision for discovery and information governance practice. Alexis is a trusted advisor to clients, overseeing various data management and investigation workflows with expertise and reliability. She is keenly able to consider the downstream consequences of an organization’s data management practices, whether it be their operational controls, early case assessments, or document review process. How did you get into this industry? After graduating from law school directly into the depth of the early 2010 recession, I had to be resourceful and innovative in how I developed my career. I leaned into the skillset I gained in community law clinics where I engaged individuals to take ownership of complex concepts and processes. I applied this to a series of roles, focusing on Customer Success roles for legal tech software companies. I find a lot of fulfillment in demystifying technology for other lawyers and I am thrilled when I can capture their imagination to develop a better practice with the right resources. What were some pivotal moments in your career that helped

Women in Technology – Monique Artiles

March 12th, 2024|

This blog is part of our ongoing Women in Technology series. Monique Artiles is a Director at Consilio, the global leader in eDiscovery, document review and legal consulting services. Monique assists Fortune 500 and law firm clients with review management on their complex eDiscovery needs. Her experience covers a wide range of matters, including pharmaceutical, banking and financial, and technology. With over 15 years of experience, she serves industry leaders and AMLAW 100 law firms faced with civil litigation and government investigations. Some of her signature engagements include ongoing review management services to a large law firm over a four-year period regarding mortgage-backed securities litigation matters and review and privilege logs of over 10 different financial institutions for a large litigation case. How did you get into this industry? After graduating from law school and jumping right into a law firm position, I realized it wasn’t a good fit for me. I responded to a job posting for document review and figured it would be a good place to start while I planned my next career move. That was 18 years ago, and I’ve never looked back. During that time, I grew with the industry and it’s been exciting to work and develop as a document reviewer, to then managing teams as well as some of our larger law firm relationships. What were some pivotal moments in your career that helped to get you to where you are today? The breakthrough pivotal moment in my career was taking

Women in Technology – Baraq Wani

February 13th, 2024|

This blog is part of our ongoing Women in Technology series. Baraq Wani is a Senior Manager at Consilio. She has over 15 years of technology experience, with the last 10 years primarily within the eDiscovery industry. Baraq is responsible for executing the product roadmap, developing and managing product requirements, and driving the successful delivery of products to market. Part of her success as a Product Manager is attributed to the relationships she has built across the organization, including Engineering, UX/Design, Support, Operations and Customer Success teams. This collaborative approach helps deliver the most effective and innovative solutions to our clients. Baraq is fluent in four languages and has a degree in International Business from The Ohio State University (Go Buckeyes!). She currently resides in Kansas City, Missouri. How did you get into this industry? I didn’t know much about eDiscovery when I started in this industry 10 years ago. Fortunately, Product Management is an industry agnostic career path, and I’ve been in the Product Management space for 15+ years. I started my career at AOL/CompuServe when Netscape was all the rage, and dial-up was still a thing (sadly something my teenager has never heard of!). AOL was expanding its global reach and my small team was responsible for managing the build out of new web portals in Europe, Asia and South America. I really enjoyed being on the innovative side of technology and managing the product lifecycle from start to finish. When I decided to go back

Women in Technology – Julie Lichty

January 17th, 2024|

This blog is part of our ongoing Women in Technology series. Julie is a Senior Vice President of Software Development and Engineering for Consilio. With two decades of experience, she has led successful multi-billion dollar portfolios through an unwavering customer-centric lens and leveraged expertise in software development, hardware, digital transformation, product management, operations, and innovative solutions. Working previously as a Senior Vice President of Product Management and Software Development and Engineering for a security and alarm company, Julie led both the product management organization and engineering teams. She was responsible for overseeing the entire portfolio of products ranging from Alarm Automation to enterprise ERP solutions. She successfully launched an award-winning SaaS ERP solution, overhauled the SDLC, introduced a voice of customer (VoC) program, and seated the first customer advisory board, while growing the business by 10% year-over-year. In her previous role at an avionics company, Julie held the title of Executive Director of Digital Solutions & Services. Julie led across hardware, software, and digital services with a $1B+ P&L on a portfolio of over $2B, for more than 300 global airlines, utilizing her keen emotional intelligence with a human touch. She launched products in the U.S., North America, Europe, APAC, Latin America, and expanded into China. These innovative products are seen and used by 2.5 billion users annually. Julie brought a wide circle of influence, continually developing partnerships with many top industry leaders. Julie earned a BA in Business Administration & Organizational Management from Vanguard University, graduating magna

Women in Technology – Christin Ronzio

December 12th, 2023|

This blog is part of our ongoing Women in Technology series. Christin is a Director of Business Development for Consilio LLC, the global leader in eDiscovery, document review and legal consulting services. As a part of Consilio’s Global Revenue Organization, Christin’s role is to create, grow and maintain partnerships with clients at corporations and law firms and help drive revenue to the GRO team. The collaborative partnerships she fosters with her colleagues contributes to the overall success of both herself and Consilio. Christin has been involved in Business Development in the legal industry since 2013. She has developed such loyal partnerships with her clients, particularly in the Boston market, that they followed her from company to company, wherever she has landed. Christin works with clients to develop processes and cost-saving strategies in matters involving the collection, processing and review of large amounts of email and other electronic data. Christin specializes in Antitrust and Trade Regulation, Class Action, Commercial Litigation, Intellectual Property, Internal Investigations, Product Liability and Government Investigations. How did you get into this industry? While working at Nordstrom as a personal stylist in 2013, one of my VIP clients offered me a position in legal services. He said “I come to Norstrom to buy my items from you when I can go to 25 other salespeople…Why? People buy from people who they like and trust.” He recognized that providing legal services and my job were relationship-based businesses, emphasizing the importance of trust and connection. A decade later,

Women in Technology – Sinda Francis

November 14th, 2023|

This blog is part of our ongoing Women in Technology series. Sinda leads the Legal Services 1 & 2 Verticals in India. In the last 12 years, Sinda has been a founding member or initiative builder for some of the largest eDiscovery providers in India (and the world) – where her roles have seen her build teams, pilot technologies, and develop workflows. Her experience stretches across the entirety of the eDiscovery lifecycle; from processing to client management to review to production. Sinda was an early adopter and innovator in the use of technology-assisted review, something that remains close to her heart. During her eDiscovery journey, she earned a Post Graduate Diploma in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. How did you get into this industry? I am grateful for the opportunity to work in the eDiscovery industry. I entered the field of eDiscovery due to a referral from my sister. She is a Law Graduate and was working with an eDiscovery document review vendor. Her experiences and insights into the legal field piqued my interest. When she referred me to join the team, I recognized it as a valuable opportunity to be part of this dynamic industry. What were some pivotal moments in your career that helped to get you to where you are today? Moving into Legal Technology and Client Services marked a significant and transformative step in my career. Shifting into these roles allowed me to leverage my skills and expertise in a way that has added

Women in Technology – Taffi Schurz-Jaso

October 10th, 2023|

This blog is part of our ongoing Women in Technology series. Taffi started with Consilio as Managing Director of the Central North Region in August 2023. She has over 15 years of experience in legal solutions. She has held Vice President positions in operations, software development, and sales, which has given her a versatile edge in the industry. She has successfully led teams that generated more than $250M in revenue, served as the point on numerous billion-dollar M&A projects, and has a proven track record of presenting, training, growing teams, and performing software implementations such as Concur, on a global scale. Taffi has a Master’s degree in Organizational and Professional Communication and Development, is Lean Six Sigma Certified, a certified PMP, carries several certifications in the Legal Solutions space, and is frequently asked to be a speaker. In Taffi’s personal life, she is married, has two pre-teen children, a loveable Aussidoodle, and a sinister Siberian cat who all keep her on her toes. How did you get into this industry? I dove into eDiscovery as a fluke. I was teaching at Clemson University at the time and made a trip to Chicago to visit family and friends. I was introduced to Andrew Sieja socially and he passionately told me about his twelve-person software company. My background is in Organizational Development, so I asked if he had anyone to create their knowledge base or train their clients. Being such a small organization, you can guess the was a loud

Women in Technology – Gloria Cabrera

September 12th, 2023|

This blog is part of our ongoing Women in Technology series. Gloria is a Senior Project Manager at Consilio, with over 20 years of experience in legal case management, eDiscovery, and litigation support for law firms, in-house, and consulting services providers. Gloria specializes in eDiscovery project management for numerous legal matters for various top 500 corporate clients and AM law top 100 law firms. Throughout her career, she has managed multi-million-dollar litigation matters and legal budgets while working in-house, at law firms, and currently with Consilio. Gloria’s core experience includes eDiscovery case management, legal hold tracking, witness interviews, collection management, data processing tracking, document review, production process, and trial preparation. Gloria has experience setting up eDiscovery procedure policies and playbooks. How did you get into this industry? I began my journey with a high school legal file clerk internship that extended beyond the summer and kickstarted my legal career. As a trial paralegal, I oversaw multimillion-dollar commercial litigation cases from start to trial, gaining a deep understanding of evolving technology. This experience eventually led me to the wonderful world of eDiscovery. What were some pivotal moments in your career that helped to get you to where you are today? Experiencing the shift from paper filing to electronic filing was a turning point that significantly impacted my career. Despite resistance, I and others recognized the importance and efficiency of electronic data and embraced it as a crucial skill for the future. Moving from an insurance defense firm, heavily reliant

Women in Technology – Jenny O’Brien

August 8th, 2023|

This blog is part of our ongoing Women in Technology series. Jenny has been working in eDiscovery for the past 15 years. She currently focuses on Talent Management for Consilio’s Review Solutions. Prior to that, she supported clients facing a wide variety of needs in complex, multi-district litigation and government investigations throughout the review process, from early case assessment and the use of analytics to issue and witness preparation. Over the years, she has transitioned from being in the documents side to focusing on the people. She loves to build teams with the right skill sets to meet client needs for cost-effective, efficient, and top-quality projects. She recruits, identifies, trains, and retains top talent. Jenny recognizes that eDiscovery works best if the team has expertise in making legal decisions, institutional familiarity with the client, and the specific technology leveraged in the matter. How did you get into this industry? I transitioned to eDiscovery when my children were young thinking that I would have more control over my time. I quickly learned that eDiscovery is an intense, high-demand industry, but I loved it and made it work! I got hooked on eDiscovery while working on a complex matter spanning five years that involved government investigations, multidistrict litigation, multiple product liability cases, and other litigation, defending against claims filed by a variety of individuals and organizations. While my role has changed from documents to people, I still cannot resist a good document hunt! What were some pivotal moments in your

Women in Technology – Susan Taylor-Ascione

July 11th, 2023|

This blog is part of our ongoing Women in Technology series. Susan Taylor-Ascione is a Senior Project Manager at Consilio with over 25 years experience managing projects and teams using legal support technologies. Susan began her career in law firms working on the largest litigation matters in the U.S. She moved to a Fortune 200 company to bring its eDiscovery services in-house where her team won the 2010 Chairman's Award for reducing risk and costs to the company. Susan has also supported multiple government agencies managing technology teams to provide information technology and automated litigation support. Susan currently leads many large national and cross-border projects at Consilio and loves traveling and spending time with her family. How did you get into this industry? I began my career as a litigation paralegal. I later had the privilege of contributing to some of the most monumental litigation matters in the United States, characterized by substantial volumes of data. I found technology intriguing and I was able to use it to manage, cull, and organize data. Through the relationships I built, I transitioned into the eDiscovery industry. What were some pivotal moments in your career that helped to get you to where you are today? The pivotal moments in my career have been driven by my desire for self improvement in my life, my skills, and as a manager. My goal is to achieve the most optimal outcome for all stakeholders. I have had to set aside my fears and embrace

Women in Technology – Clarise Chichizola

May 16th, 2023|

This blog is part of our ongoing Women in Technology series. The Project Services team’s mission is to coordinate with the clients and stakeholders to implement and execute routine processes to achieve the highest and best use of time and talent.  Along with the other Directors, Clarise focuses on mentoring the team to fulfill that mission with accuracy and efficiency. Additionally, she analyzes trends and processes to identify places for efficiency and scalability improvements and works with stakeholders to implement and develop new workflows. Clarise has been in the Ediscovery space since 2001 and draws upon her experience as a Paralegal at law firms and as a Project Manager for various vendors to analyze situations in order to develop processes and tools to bring value and satisfaction to clients and employees alike. She enjoys the supportive role the PS Team has offered and looks forward to continued growth with Consilio. How did you get into this industry? I started my career as a Paralegal and had an internship at the Oakland City Attorney's office. In that role, I discovered I liked litigation – the pace and energy, the interesting cases and the people. It was great! During that time, I became a Concordance Administrator which introduced me to the wonderful world of eDiscovery and I have never looked back. What were some pivotal moments in your career that helped to get you to where you are today? My first pivotal moment was being exposed to and learning about