Industry best-in-class solution to process, search, review, redact, and produce video content

  • Process video collected from a variety of sources including recorded Zoom and Teams video calls, CCTV, bodycam footage and more – all fully supported by Consilio’s experienced Project Managers & Data Operations Teams
  • Index audio content found in videos and run text-based searches to locate exacts words or phrases of interest
  • Review video content (among other content types) in Consilio’s proprietary, top-rated Sightline eDiscovery platform
  • Leverage artificial intelligence to identify and redact video content including faces, people, vehicles and license plates

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From Zoom video conference calls and dashcam recordings to consumer content and beyond, video has grown exponentially to 82% of all internet traffic globally1. This content however poses significant challenges for corporations and their external counsel due to data volume and complexity as well as review efficiency. Consilio Complete Video is a comprehensive solution designed to meet these challenges by merging secure global infrastructure, proprietary conversion applications and advanced indexing technology.

The Complete Video Difference

Consilio Complete Audio is a comprehensive solution designed to meet these challenges, based on years of supporting some of the largest global institutions and their external counsel.


Proven video expertise

Proven video expertise serving matters of all sizes & types. All data is securely hosted within Consilio’s data center using specialty hardware needed for large-scale video projects.


Convert video into an easily reviewable format inc. searchable audio

Leverage proprietary tools to convert video into reviewable formats with searchable audio tracks – all deployed on Consilio’s scalable global infrastructure.


User-friendly Sightline review experience

User-friendly Sightline review experience includes video player and audio waveforms so reviewers can visualize and navigate video review effectively.


Leverage artificial intelligence to identify and automatically redact

Leverage artificial intelligence and dedicated GPU infrastructure to automatically identify, track and redact faces, people, license plates, and vehicles – with a variety of available patterns (including mosaic, blur, outline, fill, and pixellate).


Search audio content in video files to cull and prioritize your review

Search audio content in video files to cull and prioritize your review so users can identify terms / phrases and review exactly where spoken. Apply audio redactions consisting of beeps, mute, or scrambled patterns.


Experienced Project Managers

Experienced project managers can quickly prepare and incorporate efficient video review workflows into normal operations.

Complete Audio

Learn more about our complete audio solution or discuss your specific needs with our experts.

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Focus on the Content that Matter with Efficient Video Review

All video files are efficiently processed using our secure global infrastructure with audio tracks separated and optionally indexed so users can efficiently search for terms and phrases. Reviewers leverage our award-winning Sightline eDiscovery platform and video review interface that combines video with an audio waveform in one uniform experience.

Sightline G2 Ratings

Accelerate Review of Video & Lower Costs

Complete Video incorporates proven infrastructure, support, and innovations focused on helping case teams review efficiently and lower video review costs.

Increase Reviewer Efficiency

With an enhanced online streaming video player and audio waveform, reviewers see the visual waveform representation of the content and audio track, allowing them to jump directly to the sections where speech can be found. Additionally, to increase efficiency, reviewers can speed up the playback up to 2x and skip forward 10 seconds in one click during slow portions.

Eliminate Manual Redactions with Artificial Intelligence

Improve reviewer productivity by automatically identifying and redacting sensitive video content and replacing redacted portions with pattern of your choice. Manual redactions are also available.

Optimize Search & Review Workflows

Dramatically reduce the cost of review by searching words or phrases of spoken audio and reviewing exact moments of interest. By focusing on these search hits, you can prioritize or even potentially eliminate the review irrelevant video / audio content.

Leverage a Best-in-Class eDiscovery Platform

Support your entire matter lifecycle with the Sightline eDiscovery platform – rated Leader, Best Support, and Top Momentum amongst all eDiscovery platforms2. We invite you to explore a powerfully simple user experience, fully integrated analytics, seamless document productions, and more.

Video Review Experts, Located Globally & Ready to Assist

To support Complete Video Review projects, we maintain certified and audited private data centers while fully understanding data privacy challenges and cross-jurisdictional complexities of global reviews.

Our expertise includes:

  • Experienced Project Managers. Our certified team is an extension of your team and is highly experienced in supporting video review workflows. Project managers consult clients on how best to approach video reviews and get the best results from technology, in addition to making sure reviews stay on track.
  • Global Reach, Fast Response. Complete Video is fully deployed into our data centers, which have already passed the most stringent security audits of the largest institutions worldwide.

1 G2 eDiscovery Market & Momentum Grid Report, 2020-2021