Consilio Launches Key Enhancements to Brand Platform, Consilio Complete

Introduces Complete Transfer and Contract Analytics to Platform’s Capabilities; WASHINGTON, D.C. – February 3, 2021 – Consilio, a global leader in eDiscovery, document review, risk management, and legal consulting services, today announced the launch of a number of key enhancements and innovations to its platform, Consilio Complete, to coincide with Legalweek(year) 2021.

Zuckerberg’s AR Predictions and the Future of eDiscovery

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With the start of 2020, there is a ton of conversation on what the new decade has in store and reflections on the past. Mark Zuckerberg has been one of the louder voices to join the discussion, and as a big fish in the industry, his remarks have reverberated around the community. In his

Are You Prepared to Conquer Data Challenges in 2020?

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Widespread adoption of cloud hosting has made processing huge amounts of data worldwide not only possible but, the norm. While organizations continue to move operations to the cloud posthaste, an estimated 94% of workloads will be processed there in 2021.