Introduction to 100% Remote Operations Series

In an unprecedented turn of events, the global spread of COVID-19 has forced many to practice social distancing in efforts to stave off the virus. Companies everywhere have had to make the extremely tough call asking their workforce to stay home. Being out of the office, however, does not mean that there is no work to be done as the show must go on in order to sustain employment and the economy. For many, working from home is business as usual, but for many others, it is an entirely new frontier.

Call it what you want: remote work, working from home, telecommuting, teleworking; without proper modifications to one’s routine, it is easier said than done. For those working from home for the first time, it is quickly apparent that there are several considerations to adjust to. From boundary setting to communication to organization and technology, we have developed this series to offer tips to help manage the stress of this new modality, boost balanced productivity, and do it mindfully at the same time.

While telecommuting can present benefits ranging from avoiding a tiresome commute or the flexibility to work in the comfort of your own home. There are many upsides of the home-working set up, but there can also be many challenges. An apparent difference between the traditional office and home setups is the presence of managers, who typically act to reduce challenges in the workplace. Now at home, managing workplace-related challenges, as well as those unique to teleworking, fall onto your shoulders.

With this in mind, the situation at hand presents millions of people now teleworking with a myriad of considerations. COVID-19 magnifies existing challenges while introducing others. For example, self-care has always been a vital concern of healthy habits at home. However, following the current news can take a mental toll. Staying fine-tuned to feelings and emotions during these times is always important, but in these uncertain times, this becomes crucial.

When beginning your working from home journey, there are several questions to ask:

  1. Which setting works best for me at home?
  2. How can I best mitigate potential distractions?
  3. How can I best maintain clear lines of communication with my colleagues?
  4. How can I effectively set goals and develop a routine?
  5. How can I take care of myself and others during this time?
  6. What tools are available for organization and prioritization?

In this eight-part series, we tackle these topics and provide solutions to promote health and productivity at home. For the next few weeks, isolation and quarantine are the reality, but modern technology allows for work to continue. Working from home is a big adjustment, and there is definitely a learning curve. Setting and following guidelines to take care of yourself can be demanding, but together we will make it work.

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