Proven Software Will Lower Cost of Review for Multilingual Data Sets

WASHINGTON, D.C. – September 16, 2015 – Consilio, a global leader in eDiscovery and Document Review Services, has announced the acquisition of technology-assisted review and predictive coding innovator Backstop. Founded in 2007, Backstop has been focused on applying advanced machine learning algorithms to reduce the cost and increase the accuracy of reviews. Consilio integrated Backstop into its eDiscovery review platform, Global RPM, in 2013, and Backstop’s other clients have devised workflows to use the technology in conjunction with other review platforms.

“We’ve been using the Backstop software as the cornerstone of our predictive coding service offering for years,” says Raj Chandrasekar, Chief Technology Officer for Consilio. “The software has exceeded expectations time and again; and not only with simple, English-only data sets. The matters with which our multinational clients and Global 100 law firms need assistance are necessarily multilingual, large-scale, complicated reviews. That’s where Backstop has consistently outperformed other predictive coding solutions on the market—especially with Asian character-based data sets.”

Backstop’s Director of Technology, Brian Merrell, will become Consilio’s Director, Enterprise Architecture, charged with building the next generation of machine-learning algorithms and leveraging that capability to solve challenges across the EDRM cycle and upstream in information management. “For several years, we worked closely with Consilio to develop workflows leveraging intelligent algorithms to help attorneys gain efficiencies,” he notes. “This new partnership will accelerate the evolution of our previous work, and I’m excited to be part of a Consilio team that will bring cutting-edge analytics and machine learning to market.”

“Our clients tell us that they not only want the benefits offered by advanced technologies, but they want them within the context of a consultative service experience,” says Chandrasekar. “The speed, scalability and accuracy of the Backstop platform has enabled a world-class service for dozens of clients over the past several years. Now that Backstop is part of the Consilio portfolio, we can continue to innovate our differentiated review platform to meet our clients’ needs.”

About Consilio
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